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Services Reinvented: Interview with Henry Chesbrough

Over the past decade, there has been an intensification of interest and focus on what “service” really is and what it means for modern industries and businesses.  Michael Cusumano has nicely summarized strands of this thinking in some of his publications, most recently in the chapter “Services, Not Just Products (or Platforms” of the book Staying Power (2010). 

A more recent article (in Strategy + Business, May 2011),  covering an interview with Henry Chesbrough, provides additional insights into this important widespread business dilemma

“To escape the commodity trap — and to compete effectively in a knowledge-based economy — business leaders of all kinds need to reinvent themselves as innovators in services.”

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“Platform Leadership” website by Annabelle Gawer

Leading platform business researcher, Dr.  Annabelle Gawer’s website provides cutting-edge insights into the phenomemon of platform business, models and strategies. 

 The importance of the subject is succinctly articulated on the website ( home page:

 “In today’s business world, no company is an island. Straightforward supply chains of yesterday have given way to interconnected industry ecosystems. Platforms emerge, and with them, platform leaders, who drive coalitions of firms who innovate around a platform. Platforms are industry “building blocks” which attract other firms’ investment and innovation on add-on products or services. To compete and win in these ecosystems, firms need to learn new strategies.”   

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