LinkedIn Group, Platforms Business Models and Strategies, Comes of Age….

 I am very pleased to announce that the LinkedIn group, Platform Business Models and Strategies (, has reached a new stage of maturity. The group itself was conceived to be a platform for a community of (a) business practioners (managers, entrepreneurs, investors, consultants) and (b) academic scholars (researchers, theorists) to share information and ideas and develop useful knowledge on this important business subject.   

I started this group earlier this year and have been consistently seeding and nurturing it.  The group recently reached a membership of 100 interested professionals and specialists.  Among these initial members are a number of reputable academics/researchers focused on this subject, including (among others): Michael Cusumano (one of the “fathers” of business platform studies), Annabelle Gawer (perhaps the foremost expert on the subject today), Jim Spohrer (one of the founders of the new Service Science, related to the subject), Chris Voss , and Kevin Boudreau

I am now turning my attention to developing the “business practioners” side of the community. In that context, I am reaching out to extend an invitation to participate in this group to your business colleagues (managers, entrepreneurs, consultants) who may have an interest in taking part in this discussion. If you have not yet joined, please do. The following link, which may be sent to your colleagues, explains the group and presents a “JOIN” button:

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