My endorsements

Throughout my career, I have been honored to receive praise for my professional output and comportment (both from those I worked for and those I worked with).  The following are several examples.

Alex Freedland, Chairman and founder of Mirantis, former EVP, co-founder, Member of Board of Directors, ProSys and RSI Group, Inc.  

“Andrew and I worked closely together for four years. Andrew worked on company’s strategy, product vision as well as channel partnerships while I was in charge of the technology. Andrew is one of the best analysts I have ever met. He has a great ability to constantly collect market data and combine them into a coherent vision and strategy that a company can thrive on. Another amazing strength is Andrew’s ability to uncover strategy or product combinations that are sometimes counterintuitive and on the surface even look contradictory. Yet, Andrew can not only find them, but also explain, justify and help operationalize them. Time and time again those non-intuitive ideas ended up giving us an edge in winning deals or entering new markets. I highly recommend Andrew for any organization and would welcome an opportunity to work with him in the future.”

Chris Anderson, President, Varsity Logistics, Inc. (a Constellation Software, Inc. company)

“Having worked with Andrew for many years in Sales and Marketing, Business Development and M&A activities I can say he has the deepest analytical and market research skills of anyone I’ve worked with. His contributions both expanded our market footprint but also understanding of our market and competitors. His Business Development work lead to increased partnerships and ultimately increased revenues. Highly recommended.”

Eric Herrmann, CFO, Friedman Corporation  (a Constellation Software, Inc. company)

“Andrew was a tremendous asset to the Friedman group of companies. He was instrumental in many strategic roles: (i) Friedman has been mandated to grow organically and through acquisition. The Friedman group embraces many industries including manufacturing (ERP), transport management, multi-channel distribution, supply chain execution and equipment rental management. Andrew was very effective in researching each of these vertical segments and providing a competitive landscape that assessed size, technology and appropriate fit to the Friedman business model. (ii) Andrew was the principal director of all marketing campaigns within Friedman and Varsity. He oversaw all aspects including web campaigns (Google adword ranking, search engine optimitization), website re-design, literature fulfilment, and tradeshow participation. He also was very effective in lead generation for Varsity, which was his principal focus in the initial period after FC’s acquisition. (iii) Andrew also focused on key business development initiatives, principally for Varsity. These initiatives involved advancing our position within strategic corporate partners (UPS, Infor) and developing new product add-on partnerships to enhance the Varsity product offering. Andrew was a consummate professional with above average writing skills and a very positive attitude.”

Paul Mifsud, Founder and CEO of ClearBenefits, Inc.

“I worked closely with Andrew, throughout his employment with ClearBenefits, and can attest to his professionalism, integrity, collaborative attitude, and team dedication. Andrew made many positive contributions to the business, including developing long-range market requirements/trends and various analyses of competition, market segmentation, etc. and working with me and other management on strategic analysis and planning. Based on my experience with him as a broad and constructive contributor in our organization, I fully recommend Andrew new professional/business employment and opportunities that will leverage his strategic (business, product and market) analysis and planning and his business/ corporate development expertise and skills”

Kyle Webb , National Channel Director, ClearBenefits, Inc.

“I had the pleasure of working closely with Andrew at ClearBenefits where he was VP of Product Management and Marketing. Andrew made a major contribution to ClearBenefits, particularly in taking the analysis of our product/market strategy to a whole new level. His skills include exceptionally strong analytical insight, deep market research capability, a broad understanding of strategy and thorough execution ability. I strongly recommend Andrew for a senior role in product strategy and/or marketing.”


Pamela Swingley, President, Savvy Internet Marketing (ClearBenefits and Varsity Logistics)

” I worked as a marketing contractor with Andrew Karpie at ClearBenefits and at Varsity Logistics. Andrew was an excellent strategist and manager of these projects as well as an extremely creative and productive collaborator. Whether it was designing and implementing new websites, working on SEO, developing social networks, designing marketing campaigns or webinars or creating specific content, Andrew was a hands-on collaborator, providing practical guidance and creative input. Always willing to roll-up his sleeves and write, I could count on Andrew to deliver a vast amount of well-written and engaging content. Andrew is one of the few, savvy, experienced IT marketers that really get how to market in 2011.”

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