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ClearBenefits, Inc, Santa Clara, CA

Through a number of different roles and assignments, supported the strategic refocusing and repositioning of this small, 10-year-old employee benefits software (SaaS) and services business, in a changing and highly complicated market/industry:

  • Developed the initial analysis of ClearBenefit’s direct competitors and the first major study of high-level market/business requirements and trends.  
  • Progressively analyzed products, markets/segments, and industry and current company situation to support development of new strategic plan (focus/direction) of business in light of changing business conditions. 
  • Worked with CEO to attempt to establish and execute a new product development/co-funding agreement with a key partner/customer in order to accelerate the upgrade of ClearBenefit’s maturing core software application platform. 
  • Supported the needed maturation of the software product development life cycle, including establishment of business analysis discipline and agile-scrum development methodology and practices through process change, introduction of new tools, and hiring and development of new expertise/personnel. 
  • Supported attempts to negotiate and establish a new ODC agreement with incumbent, tier-4 Indian offshore software development outsourcer. 
  • Supported efforts to rebuild processes and business performance around “zero-base restart” with completely new tier-3 Indian off-shore software development outsourcer. 
  • Developed new key business relationships with other industry-ecosystem players to establish product and/or channel partnerships, technology platform alliances, or M&A outcomes and worked with senior management team to attempt to realign business to highest potential market segments. 



Friedman Corporation, Deerfield, IL (subsidiary of Constellation Software, Inc., Toronto Canada)

Assumed multiple marketing management roles for– in addition to Varsity Logistics (see 2007-08 below)—other Constellation subsidiaries, Solutions by Computer and Friedman Corporation:

  • Varsity Logistics:  Continued driving shift of TMS (transportation management software) company’s marketing activities to e-marketing approaches targeted to company’s niche market; developed major partnership relationships with UPS, FedEx, et al.; active member of corporate development M&A team. 
  • SBC:  Organized marketing and sales management programs of this rental management software company in face of higher levels of competition and an important new product  launch; developed differentiation-based marketing strategy and go-to-market approach. 
  • Friedman Corporation:  Developed and executed marketing to support strategic expansion of company’s traditional focus on a handful of vertical market segments to a broader set of verticals where company’s capabilities in complex make-to-order enterprise and supply chain automation can gain market penetration; active member of corporate development M&A team.


Varsity Logistics, Inc, San Francisco, CA (acquired by Constellation Software, Inc 10/2007)

Supported private equity Investor/board’ strategic redirection and sale of this 15-year-old, 40 person parcel and multi-modal freight shipping automation and TMS solution company; planned and drove changes across all areas of business development, including channel partner programs and all of marketing:

  • Revised overall marketing and lead generation focus away from unproductive partner relationships, costly tradeshows, and ineffective outsourced prospecting to new partner strategy/focus, increased web-based lead capture (including webinars), and tightly managed in-house tele-prospecting using proprietary market lists.
  • Reassessed and defined much more sharply the segmentation of the business’s real and high potential target markets, USPs, and appropriate offerings; drove repositioning of company and offerings with respect to these segments; initiated new product directions (i.e., shipping/transportation analytics, integrated manufacturing/freight shipment planning, etc.)
  • Directed transformation of company image and marketing content for website, collateral, etc. (effectively, all customer and target market communications) from that of a mature company losing touch with its markets to that of a highly expert, proven niche solutions player.
  • Developed/established metrics to measure effectiveness of business development programs, including customer surveys and lead generation, pipeline, and win/loss analytics.
  • Advised the President and the Board on matters of strategic and business planning, business change, and corporate development/M&A; supported acquisition of company by and integration into Constellation Software, Inc. (10/08-pres.)



NAREX, Inc., Golden, CO (acquired by Fair Isaac 2003)

Stabilized and repositioned product offerings of this 65-person company in the credit analytics and decisioning market (prior to acquisition by industry leader, Fair Isaac, Inc.):

  • Developed multi-year strategic product road map determining development of two new NAREX web-based products and repositioning or sun setting of some existing products in less attractive markets.
  • In addition to product road mapping, instituted MRDs/FRDs, release planning and management, change request management, and execution integration with R&D, development, sales and marketing, and client support functions.
  • Established a new product management team to plan and manage the continued development of two seminal SaaS product lines, Placement Plus and Uniscore (web-based service platforms incorporating workflow management, analytics,and business intelligence functionality applied to consumer accounts receivables in the late-stage collections and  charged-off phases).
  • Managed major product stabilization, redevelopment and repositioning efforts for Placement Plus, an extensive accounts receivables “exchange platform” utilized by  medium to large telecom and financial services businesses and their collection agency and legal industry partners.
  • Leveraged existing NAREX technology and product infrastructure to launch Uniscore,  a new information services suite targeted to small and mid-sized credit granting and collection agency businesses with simple and easy-to-use accounts receivable data scrubbing/enhancement, predictive scoring, and segmentation and treatment decision support features. 
  • Established marketing/product integration channel partnership program to enhance sales in key 2003 product/market segment; managed all data supplier relationships, including strategic relationships with credit bureaus.
  • Supported planning and transition to post-acquisition Fair Isaac business. 



Wolfstar Management Services, Moss Beach, CA

Provided strategy consulting, business planning and development, and sub-contractor management services for small to medium software and information services businesses in a number of industry segments.  Representative engagements included: 

  • Developed new strategic product plan for recovery services, collaborated in development and implementation of a new strategic direction for a Colorado-based decision analytics and modeling company (NAREX, above).
  • Advised CEO of SF Bay Area-based workforce management software start-up on business, product, and market strategy.
  • Managed two sub-contractors in a significant customer database design and implementation project for a well-known SF Bay Area-based e-commerce business.
  • Acted as management consultant in strategic refocusing of an IT outsourcing business with presence in Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia; object of strategy was to differentiate business from competitors in India and to increase US and European demand for services. 



RSI Group Inc/London Bridge Software, plc, San Mateo, CA /London, UK

 Member of senior management team of RSI Group, Inc, a $4M merged entity of RSI Corporation and ProSys LLC, established to leverage RSI’s small niche position and 7 year reputation in the global financial credit, collections, recovery/CRM software market.

  • Assisted RSI to secure funding for development of the next generation, client-server platform through a global license to GE Capital Corporation; arranged other private sources of funding (1997-98) to support market expansion plan, including key management and sales and marketing build-out.
  • Utilized ProSys onshore and offshore software development capabilities to rapidly supersede RSI’s growth-limiting DOS-based product offerings and expand market penetration with a highly competitive Windows-based, client-server credit management software suite (1997) along with web-based modules and initial ASP offering (2000). 
  • Built and directed a product management organization of four high-performing product managers and formed a productive international partner-marketing program.
  • After RSI outperformed all of its competition in the US, London Bridge Software (a $90 million British financial software provider) acquired RSI at 8X its 1996 value, in order to retain/expand its dominance in the US credit/collections market.
  • Served as corporate strategist and advisor to CEO, COO, and other executives of London Bridge Software on strategy and company integration issues.



ProSys LLC, San Mateo, CA

Co-founded/co-managed this product strategy, management, and development business targeting/addressing product and IT solutions development requirements in small to large software and services (insurance, finance, communications, logistics) companies:

    • Through strategic market development and partnerships, supported ProSys transformation into a software development outsourcer with 12 U.S.-based FTE consultants/developers and an NOI approaching 40% in all years
    • Co-founded a successful off-shore software development operation (currently operating as Mirantis Inc.) to capitalize on the abundant technical labor resources in Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia.
    • Responsible for business development and account program management with key customers such as ADP, Air Touch, Mosaix, Lockheed Martin Infor­mation Services, RSI, CSAA, First Notice Systems-Cross Country Group, and Road Rescue.



ADP – Insurance Claims Solutions Division, San Ramon, CA

Planned and/or executed key corporate initiatives to counter intense market competition and drive domestic and international expansion for $150 million division of ADP that provided network, e-commerce, and information services solutions delivering efficiency and service productivity into the automotive, homeowners, and health insurance claims service value chains

  • Drove product extension/diversification projects to penetrate new automotive and insurance value-chain integration markets (insurance company/repair shop claims processing networks, aftermarket and salvage parts e-commerce).
  • In response to competitive developments, devised and drove ADP entry into the homeowners insurance claims segment by rapidly acquiring an existing software provider and executing a joint venture with a leading information provider, and thus simultaneously capturing key major accounts (such as Allstate and Liberty Mutual).



Pacific Bell Directory/Pacific Telesis, San Francisco, CA

As Internal Consultant within $1B directory advertising/information services division, spearheaded numerous projects focusing on operational improvements, technology upgrades and new business development. Promoted to Project Financial Controller for $150M, multi-year enterprise IT infrastructure project. Promoted to Finance Manager of 500-person Information Technology and Publishing Services SBU.  Represented SBU with corporate Telesis level CFO and Strategy groups.


Starnet / Ford Aerospace-PacificCorp, San Diego, CA

Reorganized network planning process and cross-functional teams to support incremental migration of $150M inter-lata carrier Starnet’s 20-node, satellite-based network to fiber optic infrastructure. Managed procurement with suppliers of leased fiber optic transmission capacity. Collaborated within network redesign/integration team created after Starnet acquisition by PacificCorp.


TRT Telecommunications, Inc. and Policy Economics, Inc, Washington, DC

TRT:  Developed and managed forecasting and other statistical models, delivered management reporting/analysis, and recommended network cost-reduction measures to executive management of this $300 million international data and messaging communications company.

Policy Economics:  Conducted economic and demographic statistical analysis, supported development of simulation models to identify the impact of potential policy directions for the governmental clients of this specialized public policy consulting/quantitative modeling firm.  


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