Examples of things I have done

ver·sa·tile (vûrs-tl, -tl) adj. 1. Capable of doing many things competently.

The following are some examples of the many jobs I have done:

Strategies, business/financial plans, and product plans and analysis

  • Developed and executed the plan to bring together a new ADP insurance claims services product line to counter competitor moves in market place;  did so in 6 months through a combination of alliances/partnerships, software licensing/customer acquisition agreements, and software product development.   Details proprietary
  • Developed and participated in the execution of the business strategy/plan and product road map that guided RSI International to private funding, to high growth, and to a successful exit acquisition by London Bridge Software plc.  Details proprietary
  • Developed product business strategy, business plan, and risk analysis for potential significant product extension from analytics services to business applkications software products for Senior Management and Board of Directors of  NAREX, Inc.  Details proprietary
  • Developed and participated in execution of a business strategy  that helped guide Varsity Logistics Senior Management and Board of Directors  to a successful exit acquisition by Constellation Software, Inc.  Details proprietary 
  • Various other examples of extensive analysis and planning I performed can be cited.

 Software and information services product management and development

  • Product managed the development of 2nd generation property claims on-line software and information services solution for ADP using internal and external contracting resources.  Details proprietary 
  • Product managed the development of 2nd generation collections/recovery software application at RSI international using internal local and off-shore development resources.  Details proprietary 
  • Product managed the specialized analytics software product  co-produced by Varsity Logistics and New Generation Software.  http://www.varsitylogistics.com/company/news_061008.asp 
  • Various other examples of extensive analysis and planning I performed can be cited.

Marketing strategy, planning, and execution

  • Revamped Varsity Logistics marketing strategy and programs from outdated traditional marketing approach to increased e-marketing and web strategies and tactics and lead generation-nurturing and pipeline management, suited to a specialized niche business.  Examples of different tactical programs and content:




  • Created various marketing content related to ClearBenefits product development directions, including this white paper:    Emp_Ben_Tech EvolutionAK
  • Various other examples of extensive marketing activities I peformed can be cited.

Business and Corporate Development

  • Developed and managed a number of key strategic partnerships for companies like ADP, RSI, and Varsity Logistics, including this very significant and valuable strategic alliance with UPS as wells as other partnerships: 




  • Identified, analyzed, selected alliance and M&A candidates for companies like ADP, Constellation software, et al;  including the identification of this candidate that was acquired:


  • Various other examples of significant business and corporate development activities I performed can be cited.

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