Useful things I can do

I like to consider myself as a kind of “swiss-army knife” professional that can be very useful and valuable in getting a range of  different things accomplished in a business for which — either as a provider or a user — information technology is a significant factor.

The following is a list of services I have a track-record in performing successfully, both at functional/departmental and senior management levels, working within organizations and across organizational and company boundaries:

  • Strategic Analysis and Planning
    • Market and Industry Analysis (including competition and major trends)
    • SWOT Analysis
    • Gap Analysis
    • Scenario Analysis
    • Strategic Business Plan Development
    • Strategic Programs/Initiatives Development
  • Marketing
    • Market/Customer Segmentation/Value-proposition Analysis
    • Pricing/Demand/Revenue Analysis and Forecasting
    • Market Strategy and Plan Development (including direct and indirect channels)
    • Web and Traditional Marketing Tactics Execution
    • Brand Management
    • Marketing Program Management/Management of Marketing Specialists
    • Sales Lead Generation and Nurturing/Pipeline Management
    • Channel Partner Development and Management
    • Sales Support
  • Product/Services Management/Development
    • Market Requirements Analysis
    • Product/Services Strategy and Plan Development
    • Product/Services Roadmap Development/Management
    • Software Release Planning (platform, major functional, maintenance)
    • Management of Product Managers and Business Analysts (including with Agile methods) 
  • Business Partner/Alliance Development and Management
    • Identify and Engage Potential Candidates
    • Develop and Structure Relationships
    • Establish and Execute Agreements
    • Manage Joint Programs (product development, joint marketing, other)
  • Corporate Development
    • Identify Attractive Segments/Categories of M&A Candidates (Develop Screen)
    • Identify and Engage Target Candidates
    • Develop M&A Business Plan and Support Valuation Analysis
    • Develop LOI and Support Agreement Development
    • Support Due-Diligence
    • Support Integration Planning and Execution
  • Other
    • Develop Drafts of legal documents  (LOIs, various Agreements)
    • Perform and Manage Financial Planning and Management Activities

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