My Services

Over the course of my career and education, I have acquired a broad range of business knowledge sets and skills sets which enable me to provide broad range of different services to employers (whether as an employee or a consultant).  With respect to certain kinds of businesses dealing with certain kinds of issues and requirements, I can be a versatile, “swiss-army knife,” professional-contributor (and I have demonstrated myself to be just that within numerous businesses). 

I view my career as a series of jobs (not jobs in the sense of terms of employment with different companies, but rather in the sense of executing specific “work missions,” projects, or engagements in different businesses and different situations).  For me, the first step of starting new work is to define the “work mission” (which can consist of overall missions).  From that point, it is a matter of drawing on my human capital of knowledge, skills, and talents “work the mission,” develop the necessary outcomes (though new learning and action),  and achieve the mission objectives. 

Most of my experience is with situations where information technology is a serious factor in a business developing, operating, and/or delivering value to its customers or interacting with its trading partners/suppliers.  These businesses can either be providers of IT-related products/service, users thereof, or both at the same time.  I have worked and am comfortable working across a wide-range of market segments and industries, and I am highly capable learning new markets and industries quickly.

My main competency/capability areas are  “Analysis, Planning, and Management”  within 

  • Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Products/Services Development
  • Partner Development
  • M&A

I can effectively provide a range of different services across all of these categories in order to achieve the objectives of missions I commit to.

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