My Interests

Tops-down, I am interested in how businesses will need to rethink their strategies, business models, and tactics and to execute them in the current context of accelerating, revolutionizing (information) technology developments and the concomittant economic, demographic, and behavioral dynamics of markets/customers and trading/ecosystem partners.

At the ground level, I am interested in helping  businesses to assemble, analyze, and synthesize data and information, draw conclusions about business directions and models, and develop and implement clear strategies, planning, and tactical execution. 

This should not be a process of pure conceptualization, guess work, or an act of faith–it should be a process that patiently assembles and analyzes data and assumptions and makes use of clear information and concepts at every step.  So analysis of data (in an adequate way, given the context and the issue) is a core, principled interest that I have–along with clear conceptual thinking in a systematic framework.

I am also interested in keeping track of and up-to-speed on a number of key currently developing /emerging areas of knowledge and practice (cloud technology, service design, etc).  These represent trends and developments that can often bring a totally new perspective to a business’ real strategic and tactical options

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