My education

I was fortunate to achieve a well-rounded education, all parts of which have served me well in my career.

Bachelor of Arts, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT (1974-79)

  • Broad liberal studies
  • Languages (German, Italian), Literature, Linguistics, History, Philosophy and Social Sciences (including Anthropology, Political Science, etc.)
  • Attended Georgetown University for 2 semesters (1975-76)
  • Attended University of Salzburg (Austria) for 1 semester (1977)
  • After graduation, attended graduate classes in Comparative Literature, worked as university instructor of German and English Composition and Literature.

Master of Science, Carnegie Mellon University  (1981-83)

  • Main discipline focus areas:  economics, finance, statistics, management/decision science
  • Heavy practical exposure to/use of information technology
  • Heavy emphasis on team collaboration efforts and projects (including real-world applications)

Subsequent Other Corporate-Provided Training/Mentoring, On-the-Job, Development, Self-Study

  • Information Technology
  • Network Planning
  • Business/Financial Planning
  • Strategic Planning
  • Product Planning/Product Management
  • Marketing Planning and Management
  • Corporate Development/M&A

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